St Davids High School: The Christmas Truce – A concert of Remembrance Football Remembers

Events and News feature holding image - 220x140Every secondary school in Wales has the opportunity to apply to receive up to £1,000 to develop creative and innovative projects to commemorate the First World War. For more information and guidance on how to apply, click here.

*All text has been provided by the school

Our idea:

The Christmas concert in December 2014 will be based on the theme of the Christmas Truce. The pupils will provide relevant music, readings and drama as a result of cross department collaboration. Contributions will also be made from the local feeder primary schools as well as from the Saltney Community Choir, Vocalise.

They will also be researching footballers who were involved in the War and following their life stories through the trenches of France and Belgium. The Football Remembers project will then culminate in teachers and the sixth form re-enacting the football match. They will leave numerous legacies including a football kit with the Wales remembers logo on it.

What happened:

On Wednesday 17 December 2014, to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, St. David’s High School staff and sixth form re-enacted the famous football match that took place on Christmas Day 1914. The match was played in memory of those soldiers who sacrificed their lives on the battlefields of WWI. To commemorate the event, St. David’s High School, working in collaboration with local artist Millie Hansen, produced a photo montage to remember the occasion. The piece of art included a picture of the footballers who took part in the re-enactment and the names of the fallen from the First World War Saltney War Memorial. The piece of art was kindly sponsored by HSBC. Representatives from the bank came to present the work to Headteacher Tony Davidson.

Headteacher Tony Davidson said:

“The centenary of the start of the war in 1914 marks an important opportunity for the school and the local community to remember all who fought in the First World War. We felt this was a fitting commemoration which paid tribute to those people who sacrificed their lives in The Great War. I am also pleased that the follow up project has strengthened the links with the local community and local businesses. The commemorative piece will be on display in the school foyer for the staff, pupils and visitors to enjoy.”

Various departments within the school also contributed to a Christmas concert (December 2014). There were several performances centred on the theme of the Christmas Truce. The pupils, in collaboration with the various departments provided music, readings and drama. Further musical performances came from the Saltney Community Choir, Vocalise.