Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum – Faces of WW1

We are trying to bring back together the soldiers of the RWF who lost their lives in World War One. We are seeking photos of the soldiers who fell to enable us to display them at the Museum in Caernarfon on the centenary of their deaths. This is a mammoth task as there were over 10,000 RWF lost.

You can help us by contacting us and sending us a copy of your WW1 RWF family member and by letting everybody know what we are trying to do so that our message gets out to all who might be able to help us. This will leave a legacy that every RWF man will be remembered and cannot be forgotten in the future.

The eventual display will be at the RWF  Museum within Caernarfon Castle. We are also creating a touch screen search facility for families to search for their Fallen RWF ancestor.

Poster – Faces of WW1