Ten Rhayader Men

Rhayader Museum and Gallery

02/08/2014 10:00am - 20/12/2014 4:00pm


Rhayader Museum and Gallery


TEN RHAYADER MEN is the first of a series of exhibitions to be held over the next 4 years commemorating the centenary of the First World War, and exploring Rhayader and the surrounding district’s part in it.

While giving visitors an outline explanation of the war, and some information about the social and military contexts, we have focused on the tales of ten local men who are commemorated on Rhayader Clock – the town’s memorial to the fallen of both world wars.

Supported by original items that the men would have been familiar with and personal effects from the period, it gives a fascinating insight into their lives, experiences and deaths that is guaranteed to leave you moved.

With help from you, we intend to tell the stories of all 86 names and welcome any information or objects that will help us to do this.