Holyhead Maritime Museum Events

Holyhead Maritime Museum

01/07/2014 12:00am - 30/11/2018 0:00am


Maritime Museum
Newry Beach
Beach Road
Anglesey LL65 1YD

Holyhead and the Great War’ Exhibition

Interpretive display boards. Display boards and exhibition covering Holyhead’s experience over 4 years of war. Will mirror events of the Great War as they affected Holyhead.

Location: Main Museum building

Date: September 2014 – October /November 2018

Holyhead Mariner’s Memorial

Physical memorial to all Holyhead Mariners lost at sea. Construction of memorial containing the anchor from the Holyhead ship HMHS Anglia lost in 1915.

Location: Adjacent to Museum

Date: September 2014

Re-publication of book ‘Holyhead and the Great War’

Book publication: Republication and sale of book written in 1920 describing Holyhead’s experience during the Great War.

Location: Museum and community

Date: 23/5/2014

Holyhead War Memorial

Website construction. Completion of website providing biography of all from Holyhead lost during the Great War.

Date: October 2014