Family Workshop – Commemorative Poppy Making at Cyfarthfa Castle

05/08/2014 6:30pm - 06/08/2014 8:30pm


Cyfarthfa Castle Cyfarthfa Park
Brecon Rd
Merthyr Tydfil
United Kingdom

As part of Cyfarthfa’s WW1 commemoration we are asking families to Drop-in to this FREE workshop and make a poppy, then inscribe it with the name of one of Merthyr’s fallen soldiers and add it to a canvass with others. When the workshop ends the canvass will go on display in the ‘100 years ago’ exhibition.
This is a chance for any adults to paint a part of a mural representing Merthyr’s involvement in World War One. Every Thursday in July we will have workshop sessions teaching popular styles of painting during the war period and then we will use those skills to create a huge piece of art that will be displayed in the ‘100 Years Ago’ exhibition at Cyfarthfa Castle. Alongside these sessions we will be working with several local art groups to make other sections of the mural.

Sessions run on four Thursday evening in July starting with the 3rd.